Marfa Lights

See the Marfa Lights From Riata Inn

View the stunning phenomenon that is the Marfa Lights when you stay at Riata Inn Marfa. Often referred to as ‘The Marfa Mystery Lights’ or ‘The Marfa Ghost Lights’, these famous dancing lights are as rare as they are beautiful. Nobody can say for sure when they will occur or what causes them. Over the years, despite much speculation from many scientists, there have been no conclusive findings made about the true scientific cause for the marvel. From Riata Inn Marfa, easily visit the spectacle that is the Marfa Lights and at night, rest your head in our spacious guestrooms.

Even if you don't get the chance to view the dancing Mystery Lights on your visit, a night spent at the viewing area is never a wasted one. Absorb the beauty of the starlit Marfa night sky from this unobstructed viewing deck - you are sure to at least see one shooting star!